Hello! Welcome to my blog Confessions of a Booknerd. In this space it’s books, books, books 24/7.

My name is Tanya. I started this blog to share my love of all things books, whether that be tbrs, reading recommendations or challenges, book reviews ect.

Here I am 🙂

I didn’t actually gain my love of reading until I was 20. I was doing night shifts at the hospitals working as a patient attendant. Some nights (12 hour shifts) were incredibly hectic, other nights I could finish a 400 page book.

My favorite book is The Birth House by Ami Makay. It’s a historical fiction about a midwife and her apprentice. It’s one of the books that really opened my eyes to different genres.

Prior to reading it I was basically just reading Lisa Jackson books and was not adventurous in my reading choices at all.

I had a very small comfort bubble. Now I’m willing to give anything a shot. What surprised me the most is how much I love fantasy.

I am the person who never has a actual bookmark. Lol

Some Confessions

I never became apart of the Twilight craze (I still haven’t read the books). I did read 50 pages of the first book but I stopped.

On the other hand I did get caught up in the Hunger Games craze. I read the trilogy and then saw each movie on the opening weekend.

Harry Potter, okay so now I love it, can’t get enough. When I was in grade 8 one of our assignments was to read “The Chamber of Secrets”, do a bunch of reports on it and then go watch the movie in theaters.

Well let’s just say I revolted. Lol. I was definitely not please. Ridiculous now considering I live, breath and eat Harry Potter. Muggles, whatcha going to do? :p

My hopes for Confessions of a Booknerd

Ideally this blog will be where I can share my love of books with the world. It would be great if I could introduce someone to a book or genre unfamiliar to them.

I would also like to use this blog as a platform for my writing. Writing is something I have always enjoyed. The self expression it allows for is undeniable.

Hopefully in the future I will write a book. I use to write little books all the time when I was younger. This has been a dream of mine for many years and someday I’d like to see it come true.

Where can you find me?

I am always available for book reviews and blog tours. If you are interested in working with me you can reach me at my email:


If you are a brand interested in working with me you can reach me at the same email address.

Till next time book friends

Tanya xoxo