The Curse of Ash and Blood: Book Review

Disclaimer: I received a gifted copy of Curse of Ash and Blood from the author Lou Wilham. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

Have you ever finished reading a book and instantly wanted to start reading it again? I know I have! The Curse of Ash and Blood was just that for me. So much so I actually read it twice in May. Lol

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Ash and Blood book blurb

*This blurb for Curse of Ash and Blood was taken off Goodreads with permission from the author Lou Wilham*

To conquer or to tame—how to break a curse and handle a dragon?

To save his village from ruin, a kind young mage named Fable must face off against the dragon. When Blaze—the dragon—can’t be reasoned with Fable turns to the local witch, Gwydion, for aid. But no magic can tame a dragon, and where Blaze’s temper goes, tragedy follows. Blaze leaves Gwydion with only one choice, the witch curses Blaze and blesses Fable.

It’s the curse—or perhaps fate—that brings them together over and over again through all of Fable’s reincarnations. While Fable remembers nothing of his past lives, Blaze is forced to relive his mistakes repeatedly. Until he comes face to face with Fable Alperen, a sweet, good-hearted, veterinarian who just moved to New York.

Could this be the time Blaze finally conquers his own demons? Will Fable finally be able to tame the dragon?

No magic can tame a dragon, but perhaps a curse can help.
A story for lovers of fine fairy tales such as Rainbow Rowell’s Cary On, Ashley Poston’s The Princess and the Fangirl, and Casey McQuiston’s Red, White & Royal Blue.

*Disclaimer: This review may contain spoilers*

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My thoughts on Ash and Blood

Hot, shirtless firemen. Need I say more???

Okay, okay. You twisted my arm, I’ll go on 😉

I loved this book. It has ties in with The Curse of the Black Cat, while standing on its own.

Alric and Yuuki as well as the fabulous Gwydion (from Curse of the Black Cat) are in this book as well and do not disappoint. Gwydion is even more fierce and straightforward in this book.

This book has a more mature feel then Black Cat as the characters are older and in turn have more “adult type” problems.

If you enjoy sarcasm, bluntness, magic, dragons, fantastic characters and a heart warming story then this is the book for you!!!

If you don’t enjoy m/m romance, hot shirtless firemen or some abrasiveness this probably isn’t the book for you.

This book contains curse words and some violence as well as a hot shirtless firemen.


*You can grab a ebook copy of Curse of Ash and Blood off Kobo*

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