Deal: A Rumplestiltskin Retelling Book Review

*I was gifted a copy of Deal by Melanie Gilbert (the author). All thoughts and opinions are completely my own*

Blurb for Deal

  • This blurb was taken off Goodreads with permission from the author*

What would you trade to save those you love?

Sloan Mercer is a teenage Princess who works two jobs, runs a broken clan, and has no hope of things changing. When witches attack, Sloan is approached by a mysterious man. With a deal, he can help her.

Del Danville is haunted by witches in his nightmares as well as his waking hours. Meeting Sloan is both the best and worst day of his life. As guilt and fear eat at him, Del learns the power of forgiveness from an unlikely source.

The witches have new allies and the time for revenge has come. Will the Danvilles and their new allies be strong enough to stop their most powerful enemy yet?

Let’s get to that review!

Okay, so I finished this book almost 15 hours ago and have been thinking ever since how I wanted to go about this review.

For those that don’t know, Deal is the 6th and final book (unless I can convince Mel to write another one 😉 in the fae brothers ever after series.

For me it’s always difficult finishing a series I loved. I have so many emotions. First off, Deal did not disappoint!

My emotions ran high reading this final book. I was happy, heartbroken, furious, disgusted and again my heart broke. I was also in awe of some of the characters strength and resilience.

One character entered in this book and definitely shone bright. My heart broke for this young man who had been treated so poorly. To be humiliated, dehumanized and just treated like garbage.

This book is Del Danville’s story. Del is helpful, compassionate, cheeky, brave, fragile, and self loathing.

In this book we watch Del admit to past events that had happened and gain the support and forgiveness he so desperately needed.

If you are looking for a series to get lost in, love retellings, Overcoming obstacles, magic, fae, witches, or a series that continues to build with each book, pick up this series! All 5 books in the series plus Deception (the novella) are out and available right now!

If you happen to have Kindle Unlimited this entire series are available on there. You can still get the entire series on Amazon if you don’t have it.

If you aren’t interested in reading a series, it’s probably best you don’t start any of these books because they will suck you in and then you will be hooked like me 😉

5 *****

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