May Reading Wrap Up: Bring on the Books

How is it already time for a May 2020 reading wrap up? Anyone else feel like this year is flying by but also being slow at the same time? Does that even make any sense? I have no idea anymore…. 😬

May Reading Wrap Up Reads

May started off with a real “bang” for my reading. By May 4th I had already finished 7 books. Come the middle of the month, my reading basically stood still. Not because I didn’t want to read, but because I am back at work fulltime and I’m tired. Lol

  1. Finding Om (arc) by Rashmi S. Bismark *4 stars*
  2. Step brother with benefits 1 (adult book) by Mia Clark *4 stars* (I find all the sarcastic humor in this series hilarious, lol)
  3. Poison: A Snow White Retelling (gifted by the author) by Melanie Gilbert *5 stars*
  4. Enchanted: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling (reread) by Melanie Gilbert *4.5 stars*
  5. Step brother with benefits 2 (adult book) by Mia Clark *4 stars*
  6. Step brother with benefits 3 (adult book) by Mia Clarke *4 stars*
  7. So Embarrassing: Awkward moments and how to get through them (arc) by Charise Mericle Harper *3 stars*
  8. Step brother with benefits 4 (adult book) by Mia Clark *4 stars* (I love all the sarcastic humor in this books, especially by Ethan, hilarious)
  9. Captive: A Rapunzel Retelling (gifted by the author) by Melanie Gilbert *4.5 stars*
  10. Step brother with benefits 5 (adult book) by Mia Clark *4 stars*
  11. The Bad Seed by Jory John and Pete Oswald *3.5 stars*
  12. Mom marries Mum (arc) by Ken Setterington *3.5 stars*
  13. Step brother with benefits 6 (adult book) by Mia Clark *5 stars*
  14. Dylan’s birthday present (arc) by Victor Diaz de Oliveria Santos *4 stars*
  15. Curse of Ash and Blood (gifted by the author) by Lou Wilham *5 stars*
  16. Step brother with benefits 7 by Mia Clark *5 stars*
  17. Act like a lady (arc) by Becca Tobin, Keltie Knight and Jac Vanek *5 stars*
  18. Decoding your cat: The ultimate experts explain common cat behaviors (arc) by American College of Veterinary Behaviorists *4 stars*
  19. Law & Disorder (gifted by the author) by E. Hall *3.5 stars*
  20. Sacrificed to the Beast (adult book) by Jessa Kane *3 stars*
  21. Curse of Ash and Blood (reread) by Lou Wilham *All the stars!!*
  22. The little book of VSCO girl wisdom (arc) by Tiller Press *3 stars*

Can’t forget about the dnfs

  1. Before the Snow by Danielle Paige

Some other monthly reading wrap ups

I’m actually extremely surprised that I only dnfd one book in May. I read actually quite a few books that I really liked. With that being said, if I’m reading a book that I don’t care for most of the time I will dnf it and pick up something else.

Did you read anything in May that you really enjoyed or for some contrast really didn’t like? Let me know down in the comments below, I would love to know your bookish thoughts. Also let me know if you read any of the books I listed and what you thought of them.

Till next time booknerds,

Tanya xoxo

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