Top 5 Worst Rulers: Top 5 Tuesday

Happy Tuesday book friends! Who keeps letting all these terrible people rule places? Seriously, whose fault is this? Today’s top 5 Tuesday is the top 5 worst rulers in books.

This worst rulers top 5 meme has been brought to you by Shanah from Bionic Book Worm. As the title suggests you pick 5 people who were terrible rulers in their book world.

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President Snow from The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins is one of the worst rulers

Ugh…. President Snow, where to start with this incredibly awful man? Well he makes children fight to the death, keeps people”in line” with fear tactics. He has no problem in taking others lives and he let’s those in other districts starve.

I will definitely NOT be reading Suzanne Collins new prequel book where Snow is a “good guy”.

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The Hawk from The Hunter’s Truce Series by Elle Beaumont

Hmmm, let me count all the ways The Hawk is a treacherous evil snake. Murder? Check! Kidnapping? Check! Torture? Yep! Manipulation? She’s got that covered too!

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Zues from The Power of Hades by Eliza Raine

Arrogant and a downright giant jerk! The Power of Hades is as the title suggests regarding Hades. Even though Hades is the lord of the underworld I still think Zues is SO much worse. He misleads people, sleeps with others besides his wife, thinks he’s all that, kidnaps Persephone, try’s to seduce her and seems to get a thrill out of other’s suffering. He’s a major jackass!!!

The Commander from Jaded by K.M Robinson

He is selfish, has no issues with others suffering, is conniving and just a downright awful and terrible jerk!

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Final thoughts on the worst rulers

So after going over 4 horrible, horrible rulers I can’t think of any others….. lol. I can think of lots of horrible people but they weren’t rulers. Who are some incredibly awful rulers you’ve come across in a book(s)?

What makes a ruler horrible for you? Perhaps it is how they treat their people or family. Maybe they are like President Snow and let needless suffering continue, or maybe they are just a giant jerk! Let me know down in the comments below.

Till next time book friends,

Tanya xoxo

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Worst Rulers: Top 5 Tuesday”

  1. Wow, nice book review. I’ve read a lot of Greek myths and I agree with that book, Zeus is the absolute worst of all the leaders. He does what he likes, turns to whatever he likes to get what he wants without permission. 8 would certainly love to read the book you recommended.

    1. Thanks Rayo, if you’re referring to The Power of Hades that is for adults as it has a lot of sexual content 😉

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