The Power of Hades: Book Review

The Power of Hades

*Thank you to the author Eliza Raine for the gifted copy of The Power of Hades, all thoughts and opinions are completely my own*

This series has “adult situations” seriously, it has an incredibly hot Hades, like there is any other option. Lol. Anyways, if you don’t enjoy sexy talk this probably isn’t for you.

Title: The Power of Hades, book one of the Hades Trials

Author: Eliza Raine

Publication Date: May 11, 2020

Also since this series is called the Hades trials and Hades is the god of the underworld expect death and torture/ed souls.

The Power of Hades Book Blurb

*Taken from Goodreads with permission from the author Eliza Raine*

I’ve been kidnapped by Zeus. Plucked from the streets of Manhattan and frightened half to death by a freaking Olympian god.

And now I’m trapped in the Underworld, being forced to compete in a series of deadly trials for the position of Queen of the Underworld. Which would mean marrying Hades, the utterly terrifying Lord of the Dead. Who the hell wants a husband at all, let alone one made of smoke and riddled with death?

I have to get back home, to New York and my brother. But I can’t leave without completing the trials and they’ve been designed for a godly Queen, not Persephone – barista and botanical garden enthusiast.

I’m surrounded by lethal, all-powerful maniacs. Sexy-as-hell maniacs, sure, but as dangerous as they come. And I’m going to have to prove to all of them that there’s a goddess of hell inside me. It’s the only way I’ll survive the Hades Trials. But then what?

And why, why, why am I so desperate to see under Hades smoky exterior and find out what he’s hiding from me? If I win the trials, I have to marry the devil himself. But losing might mean losing my life.

The Power of Hades is book 1 in the Hades Trials, which is intended for adults and is packed with magic, mythology and slow-burn romance!

*Contains swearing and mature themes.

My Thoughts

This was a one sitting read for me. I’ve had a weakness for hot gods since the 90s after seeing the actor who played Ares (R.I.P) on Xena, so this series has played right into that.

About the characters

The main heroine Persephone is stubborn, sarcastic, determined and I love her. She has not had an easy life and is set in making it what she wants.

Hecate is like the sarcastic, realistic, drunk best friend who speaks her mind all the time. I love her character. We could all use a friend like her.

Then you have the reason this book was written Hades. The cocky, arrogant extremely sexy douche who is being forced to have women compete to be his wife, even though he has no intrest in having a wife. Lol

Is this series for you?

If you enjoy mythology, sarcastic characters, a crapton of hot guys then tada! If you are looking for fierce females who speak their minds and don’t take crap from anyone then I also suggest this series.

This series may not be for you if you don’t enjoy sexy talk, hot guys, or death this proba. It also contains blood, tortured souls and some cruel natured characters.

Star Rating


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Till next time book friends,

Tanya xoxo

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  1. Between that cover and your review, I’m sold! Its been a while since I’ve read something delightfully steamy and based on mythology and this sounds like just the thing I need in my life.

    1. Alana I devoured this book. Lol, I was so sad to be done. There is some pretty steamy scenes, just so ….. *swoon*. Lol. Super sexy Hades… need I say more?

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