F*cked at 40 Book Review

*Thank you Netgally and the author for the gifted review copy of F*cked at 40*

Title: F*cked at 40

Author: Tova Leigh

Genre: Memoir/Parenting

Page count: 224

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So, what is F*cked at 40?

F*cked at 40 is a book is written in a conversational tone which really resonates with me. I laughed, shook my head in agreement, and even thought “what the heck are you doing?, stop that”!

This is a memoir written by Tova Leigh. Tova is a blogger who writes about parenting, relationships, sex ect. In this memoir Tova shares life experiences, awkward conversations, hilarious parenting stories and so much more.

Is F*cked at 40 for you?

If you enjoy sarcasm, can agree to disagree, or are a parent just looking for something relatable. This would be a good fit for you.

Maybe you should explore other options

This book will not be for everyone. It has swearing, sexual conversations, other taboo subjects they may cause one to run in the opposite direction.

Final thoughts

I don’t have kids, yet I still found some parts I could relate too. If you go into this with a open mind you will be better off.

What are your thoughts on memoirs? Do you enjoy them? Have you read f*cked at 40, or Tova’s blog? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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4 thoughts on “F*cked at 40 Book Review”

  1. See I wasn’t sure about it until you said you still didn’t have kids but related to it. I might try it out now.

    1. Lol, yes, I am on the no kids train. There are parenting related stories but I found them funny. 😉

  2. I have 2 kids and am full of sarcasm. My husband says I have no filter when it comes to talking about sex lol. I’m starting to think this author read my mind for this book. 😉 Adding it to my TBR right now.

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