A bookish goals update

At the beginning of January I did a bookish goals post. In that post I listed 10 book related goals I wanted to accomplish. I know it only the 3rd month of 2020 but I thought it could be interesting to give an update on how I’m doing with them.

Update on my book related goals

  • My first goal was to read at least 35 books for my Goodreads goal. So how is that going I bet you’re wondering. You will be happy to know that so far in 2020 I have finished 36 books!
  • My second goal was to get more involved with the book community. Which I think I’m crushing by the way. I have met so many amazing people. Like Elle Beaumont and K.M Robinson (both of whom are authors). Loads of fantastic book bloggers, bookstagrammers and booktubers.
  • The 3rd goal was to review every book I finished. Which I have done, the only “glitch” is not every review received a blog post.
  • My 4th goal is still a work in progress. It was to be more consistent with my blogging. I definitely have been blogging more but the posting schedule is far from consistent. I need to get my act together!
  • This one I haven’t really been physically able to do, which is organize my bookshelf. It will get done though. I’m hoping soon.
  • Well I tried reading Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson in February but put it aside till April. His writing definitely takes a lot of effort to read.

Let’s keep this going

  • For this one I’ve done pretty well. Seven was “read out of my comfort zone”. So far for 2020 I’ve read a bunch of nonfiction, poetry and a contemporary adult romance. Go me!
  • This is one I’m happy to provide an update for. Dnf. In previous years I spent so much time trying to power through books that didn’t intrest me in the slightest. I made a pledge to stop doing that this year. So far in 2020 I have dnfd 11 books! I know some of you may be thinking “how can she do that?” But in doing so it has really helped my reading mojo.
  • This one is still a work in progress. It was to read and review all the ARCs I have. I have dnfd a couple of ARCs, I have finished a bit and have made sure to review them.
  • So far I haven’t done this one yet. Haha. It is to find some new teas to indulge in while reading.

Overall consensus

So far I think I’m doing pretty well. I didn’t think I would have dnfd so many books in 3 months but it really has helped with my reading. It has allowed me to pickup something that interests me, and with being a mood reader this is extremely helpful.

Did you set any book related goals for 2020? If you did, how is your progress coming? Let me know down in the comments below what you think, let’s keep this conversation going.

Till next time,

Tanya xoxo

7 thoughts on “A bookish goals update”

    1. Thanks! It’s really helped now that I’m not forcing myself to read stuff that doesn’t click with me

  1. I appreciate this post because I love reading. I’m not going to lie I use to have a goal to read 4 books a month and I don’t know why I slowed down. So now I’m trying to get back into doing that as well as doing book reviews for the books that I read& make them into blogpost. I’m also trying to be more consistent in my blog as well and create a schedule as well. I’m glad to know we share the same Interest and have similar goals. This post gave me confirmation to keep going. Thank you for this post! Keep going !!

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