Hunters Truce – A Book Review

Whose afraid of the big bad wolf? Hunters Truce secured Elle Beaumont as a auto buy author for me.

Title – Hunter’s Truce

Author- Elle Beaumont

Page count – 118

Publisher – Crescent Sea Publishing

First impressions on Hunters Truce

Elle wastes no time getting into the action. Right from the start it’s made clear this will be a quick paced novella.

The way she writes characters is effortless. It’s like she does it in her sleep. Now I’m seriously wondering if she sleep writes…

What you need to know

This is the first book in a 4 part series. If you enjoy fantasy, engaging addictive reads this book is for you.

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This 4 book series is a series of novellas so they are short quick read. I’ve found they are really great for getting out of reading slumps.

Elle also has a series of novellas called Secrets of Galathea. It includes Brotherhood of the Sea, Bindings of the Sea, Voice of the Sea and King of the Sea.

You can read more about Elle Beaumont on her website.

My advice

Be ready with the second book Royal’s Vow. You will probably want to start it right away. I read this book in 2 sittings (would have been one but I get distracted easily).

Have you read anything by Elle? Let me know down in the comments if you’ve read any of her stuff or if you’re interested in reading it.


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    1. Thanks Michelle! That’s definitely this series. The last book comes out in May. I’m going to be rather sad when it’s over… sigh

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