Voice of the Sea book review

Do you like mermaids? Under water adventures? A quick engrossing read? If you said yes to any of those you need to check out Voice of the Sea by Elle Beaumont.

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Book form – ebook

Page count – 44

Approximate reading time – 45 minutes to 1 hour

My thoughts on Voice of the Sea

The first 2 books in this 4 novella series (brotherhood of the Sea and Bindings of the Sea) were both incredibly good! Voice of the Sea was no exception.

Elle has a fantastic way of writing. She’s descriptive, great at world building and has a habit of making you realize you were holding your breath without knowing it.

Related post- Book Review for Bindings of the Sea. (Book 2 in this series).

Why should you read this series?

The characters Elle writes are all unique and very memorable. If you haven’t picked up this 4 novella series I suggest doing so!

Have you ever read a book and when you finished it you realize you were holding your breath? That’s the type of series this is.

I’ve done this with all the books in this series. Haha

Elle leaves you wanting more! More mermaids, more magic, more battles. More everything!

My rating

For my book ratings I take into account on how quickly the books grabs me. If I felt it had character growth and development. I want to read something that leaves a impact.

Whether that be rage (I’m looking at you K.M Robinson) (you can read my review on K.M Robinson’s book Jaded here) sadness, longing to read more.

My rating for Voice of the Sea by Elle Beaumont is 5 *****

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