January Reading Wrap-up

Hello my bookish friends! I feel like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth but I’ve actually been reading! In January I read 11 books! That’s almost as much as I read all of 2019.

I read a mix of novellas, children’s books, manga, adult and young adult books. I also ended up dnfing 6 books! Which to me is a little nuts but I’ve decided if it’s not grabbing me, I’m not going to force myself to read it.

I also ventured into reading a adult contemporary romance with some “smut”. Intimacy scenes is something I haven’t read in quite a while so it was a tad awkward. The book “Get a life, Chloe Brown ” was also a audiobook narrated by a fantastic woman but it did come off as a little awkward to listen too. Haha.

All in all January was a great reading month for me.

So what did I read?

  1. Get a life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert *4.5 stars*
  2. Remembering Ethan by Leslea Newman *5 stars*
  3. Bindings of the Sea by Elle Beaumont (you can read my review here) *5 stars*
  4. No, we can’t be friends by Sophie Randal *4 stars*
  5. I, Cosmo by Carlia Sorosiak *4 stars*
  6. Bee Heartful by Frank J. Siloe *4 stars*
  7. Coral by Sara Ella *4 stars*
  8. How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you by Mathew Inman *5 stars*
  9. Pokemon Adventures vol 2 by Hidenori Kusaka *3.75 stars*
  10. If I was your Girl by Meredith Russo (you can read that review here) *4 stars*
  11. Women under Scrutiny by Randy Susan Meyers *4 stars*

Here’s what I dnfd in January

  1. Claim your Crown (arc) by Tarah-Lynn Saint-Ellen
  2. Borderline Shine (arc) by Connie Greshner
  3. Grow Kind (arc) by Jon Lasser and Sage Foster-Lasser
  4. A People’s History of Heaven (arc) by Mathangi Subramanian
  5. Astonishing Colors of After by Emily XR Pan
  6. Wicked Girl (arc) by Jeanie Doyle

If you are interested in reading Elle Beaumont’s book you can check her out at her website here.

what did you read in January? Have you read any of the books I listed above? Let me know down in the comments below.

Till next time,

Tanya xoxo

34 thoughts on “January Reading Wrap-up”

  1. This is impressive. I haven’t finished this one book I started in January and I’m about to Categorize it to dnf and move on. Do you have a goal of finished books for the year?

    1. I set my goodreads goal at 35 because I thought it was doable. Last year I was in a massive reading slump and didn’t really read anything till December. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to up my goal this year. What about you Katricia, do you have a goal for amount of books you’d like to read? Which book are you thinking of dnfing?

  2. DNFing books that you don’t like is a good thing! I ended up DNFing two in January as well. But it means more time on good books so that’s nice. Have a great reading February!

    1. Hi Hadassah, 3 books is still great! Right now I’m off work due to injury so I usually read in the morning and afternoon. When I work I read on my breaks and in the evening

  3. You did so well last month!! I only managed 2 but that’s a success for me! My mental health usually has me reading none. Planning to read 5 this month! The ones you read are on my TBR list especially Get A Life, Chloe Brown! Brilliant post!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

    1. Thanks Daisy! 2 books is still great. Last year I didn’t read anything until October. I was in a massive reading slump, it was awful

    2. My mental illness is part of the reason I read so much. I use reading, blogging, sitcoms and gaming (just Pokemon) as my distraction methods. I find it really helps. <3

  4. Great job!! I haven’t picked up the same book that I’ve been reading for at least three months now. Life gets away and the book sits there collecting dust! Thanks for the motivation!! 🙂

  5. I did set a little goal myself but I am still a beginner and was wondering whether I should make a post about it or not but I think I will now 🙂 Thanks for sharing your reads. Also, congrats on reading 11 books in just a month. That is a great achievement 😀

    1. Thanks Inna, :-). The book community can be pretty supportive. I would do the post, you never know who you may come in contact with because of it

  6. This is a great list, I can’t imagine reading that much. I think I would enjoy reading No, we can’t be friends. I will have to look that one up at the Library.

    1. It was a good read. I found Sloane (the main character) to be pretty relatable. It helps that I can’t work at the moment. Haha, normally with working I may have read 5 books

  7. I didn’t start giving up on books I had started until this year. It has been so freeing!! I don’t feel obligated to spend as much time picking them out now because I don’t put the pressure on myself to finish them.

    You read a ton. Do you specifically read for pleasure or do you add in like nonfiction books as well?

    1. Hi Mallory. Yes, I also read non fiction. Women under Scrutiny is non fiction, it’s a bunch of essays written by women. I do mostly read fiction though. It has made a big difference not forcing myself to finish books I’m not enjoying. 🙂

  8. 11–wow! Kudos to you for pass on those that just weren’t doing it for you as well. I was moving this month and unfortunately I had to return the Benjamin Franklin autobiography and the the Enrique Fermi bio (“The Pope of Physics to the library without finishing them. But—I’m in walking distance of my new library so I’ll be going to pick them up and finish them off!!

    1. I too am in walking distance to a library (a very small one, but it still counts). Isn’t it great?!. Ya… I wont get anywhere near 11 this month. I’ll be lucky to finish 2. Lol

  9. Hi Tanya! I ended reading, I think, 12 books in January? I don’t think I ended up DNFing any books, but like I say, “life is too short to read books you’re not into” so I don’t blame you for DNFing some books. I don’t think I’ve read any of the books you listed above, but that just means I get to look them up and add them to my TBR list! Oh darn! More books for me to read! 😉 It sounds like you had a good time reading in January and I can’t wait to see what you read in February!

    Emily | http://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

    1. Hey Emily! You might be disappointed come my February wrap up. I still have yet to finish a book. I spent too much time trying to get into a group read that I ended up dnfing.

  10. Sadly, I’ve been working on the same book for several months. I’m about 80% done. I love it, I just don’t get much time to read with kids running around – they’re like cats when a book comes out! I am curious about #8! The title is hysterical!

  11. I haven’t actually come across any of these before but there seems an engaging mix. Sorry to hear there were a handful that weren’t worth sticking with but at least it freed up more time for the good ones! Great wrap up – happy reading!

    1. Thanks Lindsey, if you’re okay with reading a bit of “smut” (a couple love scenes) I highly suggest Get a life, Chloe Brown. It’s a adult contemporary. If you enjoy audiobooks the narrator did a great job although the intimacy scenes were a little awkward with her narration haha

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