Book Review – If I was your Girl

*This review of “If I was your Girl” may contain spoilers*

If I was your girl is about a transexual teen named Amanda just trying to live the life she knows she was meant to have.

Amanda (born Andrew) never felt like she was in the proper body. At 15 years old she decided to see a doctor and start hormone replacement therapy.

I realize this book is a work of fiction. Amanda’s transitioning was pretty easy compared to most. She didn’t have to worry about the typical “male” features or developing a deep voice. There is no mention of having her Adam’s apple shaved down either.

I know in many parts of the book Amanda’s life was difficult. *just to add a note here so I don’t forget* this book contains violence against trans persons and suicide/suicidal attempts.

With that that being said she had some extremely supportive friends and family which a lot of others don’t have.

I wish this could be true for others as well. Having the support I mean. I realize that this is something a lot of people have to go through on their own.

The model on the cover is a beautiful strong woman. I have the urge to call her brave but realize that it sounds ridiculous.

People should feel free and safe to be their most authentic selves, whomever that may be.

My one big criticism about this book is that the ending seemed really rushed. A lot happens and you’re not really given a chance to process it before someone is reacting or the next thing starts.

Is “If I was your Girl” for you?

This book contains a lot of unrepresentated groups of people (ie not cis males or females). The author herself is also trans as well as the model on the cover.

If you are looking for funny, cute contemporary read that is a little bit different, I suggest this book.

Again this book does contain violence towards trans persons so if that is a trigger please read with caution.

I highly recommend this book, the narrator for the audiobook did a fantastic job, so if you can get your hands on the audio thats the one I suggest.

Overall this book is like rooting for the underdog but you get to see them succeed.

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My overall rating for this book is 4.5****

Tanya xoxo

4 thoughts on “Book Review – If I was your Girl”

  1. My niece has a daughter that just announced she is transgender. Family is totally accepting, but he is suicidal. He is 14, and that’s a hard age anyway. Would you recommend this book for him?

    1. Hi Linda, Honestly I think this book could provide some comfort as long as he keeps in mind that this book was written as an ideal situation.

      I know a couple trans persons who are extremely happy now, please reassure him that life does get better. The only way he will find out is if he sticks around.

      I suffer with suicidal thoughts/ideation and I know how difficult it can be. He really has so much to live for. The world is changing. He should be a part of it <3

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