My 10 bookish goals for 2020

It’s funny, I’ve been blogging for a couple of years and have never done a GOALS post. I won’t sugar coat it, 2019 was a train wreck of a reading year for me. I was in a massive reading slump pretty much the entire year.

Last year my goal was to read 45 books, when October rolled around and I still had yet to read 1 book, I changed it to 5.

December 2019 is pretty much when all my reading happened. I read 17 books in 2019 and 16 of them were in December.

So now (hopefully) that I have my reading mojo back I’d like to conquer some bookish resolutions.

So what are my goals?

  1. I would like to read at least 35 books. Since 2019 was pretty much a write off I didn’t want to make my Goodreads goal too high.
  2. Get more involved with the bookish community. Talking about books is really fun (for me anyway) so I hope to make some more book friends, follow booktubers/bloggers ect.
  3. Review every book I finish. This is one that Authors and publishers really appreciate. If you read a book you enjoy, tell people! Leave reviews on Amazon, bookstore sites, Goodreads ect.
  4. Be consistent with my blogging. I have a bad habit of blogging and then stopping. I need to stop that.
  5. Organize my bookshelf! My bookshelf is a MASSIVE mess. Lol. There was a time when I had multiple book shelves and over 900 books, for the most part they always looked neat. Now I have way less books and 1 bookshelf.
  6. Read something, anything by Brandon Sanderson. Haha, I have been wanting to read books by Brandon for years, have yet to do it….
  7. Read out of my comfort zone. By that I mean read more science fiction, classics, and nonfiction.
  8. Don’t be afraid to dnf. Has this ever happened to you? You’re reading something and its just not grabbing you, than don’t be afraid to dnf it.
  9. Read and Review the ARCs I have. Currently I have about 30 ARCS to read and review. Publication dates vary. Right now I have ARCS with publications dates between January and July 2020.
  10. Find some new teas to match with the books I’m reading. Okay, okay. I didn’t want to leave my goals at 9. Haha. But I really do enjoy herbal tea and hot chocolate so finding some good ones that match the books I’m reading would be a bonus.

To see some previous ARCs I had check out this post.

What are some book related goals you have for 2020? Let me know down in the comments below.

Till next time bookish friends

Tanya xoxo

22 thoughts on “My 10 bookish goals for 2020”

  1. Great goals!! I’ve never made a book-related goal, but maybe I shall! I usually read about one per month. Good luck in your year! Can’t wait to read more of your blog!!

    1. Thanks N! I really appreciate that. My goal is to make something out of it. I started writing a book in 2016. Thinking about starting one again.

  2. In 2019 I spend a lot of time reading about history, science, and some math. These subjects are super useful, no doubt, but this year I need to spend more time reading about business and improving my professional skills. I will be focus on reads about strategic planning and sales. Good luck on your goals!

    1. Good luck Rachel! I’d like to read some books on writing and publishing as well as what I mentioned in my post šŸ™‚

    1. No problem. Even if you just read 1 book a year, at least it’s something. Reading really does feed your brain and full the imagination šŸ™‚

  3. Such a good list. It seems totally attainable, nothing too crazy! Iā€™m happy to help with #2, I can talk books all day! Thanks for the post!

    1. You might regret that. Haha. Thank you for reading :-).

      Since you “volunteered” do you have a favorite book?

  4. These are interesting. I haven’t read a book in a year, so your creative goals are inspiring. I just need to find that one good book to read at least when my littlest one is asleep.

        1. Lol, Have you read “If I Stay” by Gayle Foreman?, 13 Reasons Why? By Jay Asher or Paper Towns by John Green?

  5. I love these goals so much! I just published a blog post about my reads in 2019 and was struggling to come up with a good goal for 2020. I didn’t want to just make it a number of books. But I love your goals so much! I too want to do some different reading – more diverse authors, new genres, challenging reads, etc. And I have totally forgot about the power of a review – need to work on writing those. And I love the idea of adding tea to the mix!

    1. Hey Tasha, it’s always good to try books outside your comfort zone, you never know what you may enjoy šŸ™‚

  6. Good luck with these! I’ve only just started Brandon Sanderson after wanting to read him for years and actually started with his new science-fiction ones rather than his more traditional fantasy stories because it’s not trying to enter this massive world. I loved his writing style so will definitely be checking out more! I hope you can meet some of these goals – best of luck for 2020!

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