Reading plans for Hurricane Dorian

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Hello my book friends! This is my second time writing this post because the first one disappeared. So ya, (insert frustrated face here). If this is your first time visiting my blog than welcome and thanks for visiting. If you are here for more then thank you!.

Today Saturday September 7, 2019 we are set to get Hurricane Dorian. Right now it is a category 2. Being in Eastern Canada I realize how lucky we are. I know this storm devastated a lot of people south of us.

So yesterday after my husband got off work we headed to the grocery store. It looked completely ransacked. There was no fruit, vegetables, bread, bottled water it was nuts!.

No bread
No fruit
This is the first thing you see when you walk in the store. All I could do was laugh (and obviously take pictures).

So we basically just ended up spoiling our cat (who HATES wind) and buying powerade, chips and fudge bars. So like nothing of nutritional value. Lol

I’m not sure how long we will have power (hoping we don’t lose it) but I have a couple physical books picked out and some ebooks.

We recently moved so of course we can’t find our candles or flashlights and naturally those items were bought up yesterday (everything is closed today).

I’m in the mood to read something creepy so for physical books I have The Chalk Man by C.j Tudor, and The Huntress by Kate Quinn.

If by chance I feel like reading something light hearted I also have Pokemon red and blue manga #1 on ebook :-).

Right now I am participating in the Hogwarts-A-thon (see info and my tbr on that here

Well my book friends, I hope you all stay safe this weekend. Let me know in the comments below what you have planned or are reading this weekend.


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    1. That’s okay. I’m personally a really slow reader. I know some people can read like 200 books or more a year (no idea how). I don’t focus on quantity, I go for quality. And if I’m not enjoying reading something I stop. I’ve forced myself to finish books I didn’t enjoy previously and it’s such a huge mistake.

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